Texas Football Player Puts His Star Power To Good Use

It is wonderful that celebrities have the power to make us aware of causes that need our support. Many have lent their name to one cause or another – to the point of some asking if they are truly being generous or just looking to gain some publicity.

Here is a closer look at one truly special individual that has donated his name to a cause. A cause that holds a deep and personal meaning.

His name is Johnny Walker. Those in the know call him Johnny “Sky” Walker  due to his uncanny ability to reach such heights at the goal line. Hurling himself over defensive lineman twice his size to reach the end zone.

University of Texas 17th All Time Leading Rusher.

His athletic prowess exhibited early in his life was impressive. While in high school he could high-jump 7 feet, he ran a 10.01 100 meter, was part of state champion 4 x 400 relay.
He signed with the University of Texas football squad out of high school. He was the starting running back all four years from 1980- 1983 and is now the 17th all time leading rusher. His signature collegiate game was against Texas A&M where he ran for 178 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. He went in the draft in 1984 to St Louis Football Cardinals and retired from the NFL in 1987.

Currently Johnny has stage 3 colon cancer. But says I have not let it stop my day to day activities“. Like most of us he continues to get up and work and live his life.  “Every day for me is a battle but one I will fight with everything in me.  Today he works at a prominent Atlanta based architectural firm. They design, engineer and manage event centers all across the country. It comes as no surprise its a job he excels at.

Today as a devout Christian, I have always tried to bring happiness and joy to every person who crosses my path, and I will continue to do so.

I was introduced to Texans For Cures back in the summer of 2015. The Chairman, David Bales, a good friend of mine I’ve known for years, had reached out to me due to my condition. He asked me to participate, to help bring more awareness to the funding gap for new therapies coming on line needing clinical trials to get FDA approval. I don’t think cancer has to be a death sentence.

I donate my name to Texans For Cures because I am a firm believer that these developing cures will only be realized with the help of you and me.  

Johnny “Sky” Walker

Texans For Cures works with many of the top doctors and researchers in regenerative medicine. The non-profit is dedicated to funding FDA approved Phase 1 clinical trials and advocates for regenerative medicine, stem cell  research and immunotherapy to accelerate cures for those suffering from disease. Johnny believes “a cure is very, very close, and whatever I can do to facilitate that, count me in“.

David Bales and Shauna Mroski of TFC with check for clinical
trial for pediatric cancer of Dr. William Decker.

Texans For Cures current campaign, “Hearts and Minds” is dedicated to funding the research of Dr. Doris Taylor and the clinical trial for pediatric cancer of Dr. William Decker.



I believe in what TFC stands for and the passion that David and the doctors bring to finding cures for cancer, heart disease and other common killers. Like they say:


And you know if you want to give to a charity this is the charity to give to. These people care and these people are determined. 

Johnny “Sky” Walker

TFC fundraisers are through online donations and special events. A great way to give is by finding a special event you would enjoy, such as playing golf or signing up for the Fun Run.

What has been the most enjoyable fund raising event for me this year? Well they are all fun but I especially enjoyed playing in a golf tournament with Steve McMichael (former Longhorn and Chicago Bear) and we had so much fun. And that’s what it’s all about. Bringing people together to fight for a common cause like finding cures.

Johnny “Sky” Walker

Make a difference and donate today. Make it a thoughtful way to honor someone whose life has been impacted by cancer or heart disease. Your gift means new therapies can bring hope to those suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, spinal injuries and more. Together we are fighting smarter, better and harder than we ever have before.


Thank you for your support.

Brian Schroeder