Texans For Cures Engagement In US Policy Making

Texans for Cures first day of advocacy proved to be very productive.

We were joined by Beth Roxland, an Associate of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU School of Medicine and a Senior Legal and Health Policy Consultant to law firms, academic medical centers, and research entities.

Together with myself, Jack Frazee and Beth Roxland, we set out to communicate the importance of sound policy when it comes to patient safety.

Jack, Beth and David Bales

The “Right To Try” movement is rooted in the idea that the patient should be given back control to determine their own medical treatment.

It’s advocates believes the FDA should not be dictating what research drugs are available to terminally ill patients. The “Right To Try” legislation would give patients access to medications or therapies that have not passed the rigors of clinical trials. It would remove FDA oversight authority and allow the states to fashion their own programs.

Texans For Cures feels that the law could harm patients and there would be no adequate standards to insure public safety.

We are asking the legislators to help in fighting the misguided movement to insure a clinical trial process that insures those drugs made available to public are safe and not experimental. We have seen too many cases where these experimental drugs were administered when irreversible damage occurred and even death.

People don’t realize once these types of therapies are administered, there is no going back. You don’t wait for the drug to wear off. Your body’s physiology is irrevocably changed forever.

Here is a Round-Up of our days events. Each member’s staff seemed receptive to our concerns about patient protections and we look forward to working with Senator Johnson’s office to try and improve the bill.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett  

Senator Chuck Schumer

Senator Lamar Alexander

Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Richard Blumenthal

We all want to thank Jack Frazee and Beth Roxland for their tireless efforts today which will surely continue all week!

Thanks to all of you following our efforts and stay tuned!!!


Texas Regenerative Medicine Summit in Austin Fall of 2017
The Summit will be Chaired by Dr. Doris Taylor and will feature Legislative and Scientific Panels and other key members instrumental in HB 810, which passed this session. Leading scientists statewide will also participate.
If your company desires to have a voice at this Summit, we encourage you to contact us at texansforcures.org or call David L. Bales at 512.797.2703 / bales@texansforcures.org.


David Bales